Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Marriage:Through My Blog:Marriages are Made By also

First Good Job if You have Good job ? you Will Lead Good Married Life its ok This is Open Secret  So That’s why I had Prepared for Civil Services but I couldn't Secured Job in time but
I had aquired great knowledge and picture about the world and system which is important for the countries and for the people.
My opinon about the marriage is ‘first job then marriage’.while studying im not found any girl which girl mindset is supports my mind-views..some girls likes me(they told with me ,but im not interested)  and some girls I like but I never told that because of the girls mind girls mind will change easily I had seen in my friend circle but im not like that
If I love some girl definitely I will marry that girl.if any girl expressed her interest about me ?and if I like her?definitely I will marry this type of girl I had met in the year 2010,
This year while blogging (my blog link while blogging if I like any post which is not about personal ?i like this type of post then I will reply to that blogger that too very rare.
In this way I had met one girl  in the year 2010, and I had married that girl only and marriage Held March,24th, 2011.From my home town to her place theerthali its about 1500 km.and im from Andhrapradesh and she is from Karnataka.
while talking about the marriage with her mother so many questions came Then I had explained every question of her why you know ?because im out of state.i can understand their feelings so I had answered every question and given clarification.of course my family side also I had explained and convinced my mother,father and siblings. thats the story of my marriage.thanks to

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